Money fall on you...

A strong start of July takes the ecosystem past the full 2019 mark in terms of funding raised (deals $1m+)

As of this week, start-ups in Africa have now already raised more funding in 2021 than they had in the whole of 2019. With an impressive $167m+ raised through $1m+ deals since July 1st (that’s already more than the $142m raised in the whole of June…), the ecosystem has now crossed the $1.3 billion mark:

Well, unlike start-ups in Africa, we're taking a short break. On this pretty exciting milestone, we’re going to take a couple of weeks off. We’ll be back in early August with more content of course :) In the meanwhile, you can go back to previous posts (see below for the 5 most popular this year so far), share with your networks, read other newsletters (e.g. African Tech Story), and why not even do your own analysis on the database available at See you soon!

Oh, and just in case you didn’t get the reference in the title (or don’t yet have it stuck in your head as a result): 🎵 Davido - Fall 🎵