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Though the Top50 deals represent 83% of the funding raised, the majority of deals are in the $100k-$5m range

With $2.5bn raised collectively, the Top 50 deals ($10m & over) are responsible for 83% of the total amount raised by start-ups in Africa in 2021 so far. Of these Top 50 deals, 40 (80%) have been raised by start-ups headquartered in either Nigeria (18), South Africa (12) or Egypt (10); 21 (42%) have been raised by fintech start-ups; 46 (92%) by start-ups with a male CEO; and 40 (80%) by start-ups with all-male founding teams.

Though a lot of the headlines focus on these large deals, there is actually a very healthy pipeline of smaller deals with the potential to generate larger deals in the future: 2021 so far has seen more than 350 deals between $100k and $1m. And the start-ups behind these smaller deals are less concentrated in Nigeria, South Africa & Egypt (52% vs 80% of the Top 50); less focused on fintech (26% vs 42%); twice as likely to be led by a woman CEO (17% vs 8%); and have more diverse founding teams (30% vs 20%).

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