9ja fintech is eating the world 🤑

Nigerian fintechs have raised $1.5bn of the total ~$5bn raised by all start-ups in Africa since 2019

First things first, we ought to be giving a standing ovation to start-ups in the ecosystem and their $564m raised in August through $100k+ deals. That’s more than 2.5 times the average monthly funding raised in the rest of 2021 so far. Hats off!

Obviously, with OPay’s $400m funding round, and Flutterwave’s, and Kudas’s, and Paystack’s, and Interswitch’s and more before that, it can sometimes feel like a lot of the VC activity in Africa - at least in terms of big tickets and amount raised - is about Nigerian fintech. Well, this is not just a feeling:

  • First off, in absolute numbers, Nigerian fintech have raised over $1.5bn since early 2019, which is more than the sum of all deals in South Africa + Egypt over that period.

  • After a little slump in 2020 ($318m vs. 2019’s $468m), Nigerian fintechs are on fire again this year: in the first 8 months of 2021, they have almost already raised as much as 2019 and 2020 combined. So far this year, 37% of all the VC funding in Africa has gone to Nigerian fintechs alone.*

  • Since 2019, 60% of all the funding raised by fintech start-ups has gone to Nigeria. Over the same period, fintech start-ups in Nigeria have captured 75% (!) of all the funding raised in Nigeria.

While founding and management teams of Nigerian fintechs tend to be overwhelmingly local, they also are overwhelmingly male: of the $1.5b+ of funding raised by Nigerian fintech since 2019, 99.6% went to start-ups with male CEOs, and 99.4% to all-male funding teams.

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* Btw this is not just ‘the OPay effect’: even if we removed the $400m deal from the equation, Nigerian fintech would still be representing 22% of all funding in 2021 so far, more than its share in 2020 funding.