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Exploring how African markets compare to their peers globally in terms of VC funding raised

If we take the continent as a whole, and compare with countries in the same range in terms of population, Africa’s $1.6bn of VC funding raised in 2020 is far behind China’s $57bn or even India’s $10bn. But we know that’s not a fair comparison at all, for many reasons. Now, if we look at a country level, focusing on populous fast-growing economies, and express the VC funding raised on a ‘per capita’ basis to account for differences in size, the numbers tell a different story. Kenya ($11 raised per capita), who led the way in terms of funding raised in 2020 in Africa, actually did better comparatively to India ($7 per capita). South Africa ($5 per capita) is more akin to Russia, and a bit below Mexico or India. Nigeria raised $2 per capita in 2020, a performance in line with that of the Philippines. Egypt’s $1.3 per capita is very similar to the continent’s overall average. Finally, the $13m raised by Ethiopia - one of three countries with 100m+ inhabitants on the continent with Nigeria and Egypt - only translate to $0.01 per capita, which puts it in the range of emerging Asian markets like Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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NB - In case you find the graph above is a bit much, here’s a simpler one using the same data 😉: